Saturday, December 3, 2016

Review: PurO3 Ozone Oils

Move over essential oils, there's a new player in town: organic ozone oils. Even better, ozonated  oils mixed with essential oils. I've spent the last couple of months trying everything from hemp oil to avocado oil. But today let's talk skin care.

I've spent most of my life just applying thick cover up and green primer to hide the redness from rosacea in my skin. What cures rosacea, at least for me, has been the combination of an exfoliating brush (I like the one Olay makes) and using ozoneated oil. My skin has gotten so much better! The redness finally gone and it's a lot smoother and softer. That's what got me hooked. There are a lot of options to choose from, so here are my recommendations for the best ozone skin care.

Which Ozone Oil Should I Use on My Skin?

For Daytime Use/Primer: organic jojoba oil with organic vanilla. I know the idea of smearing oil on your skin as a primer seems counter intuitive. A lot of us are trying to get rid of the excess oil on our skin, and no one wants to feel greasy. This vanilla oil is surprisingly light. Apply it thinly before putting on your makeup. After a couple of minutes it absorbs really well. I like the vanilla sent for this oil because vanilla blends well with most perfumes and the scents of products you might be using in your morning routine.  As a bonus you can also use this ozonated oil as an organic, chemical free deodorant. The only downside to this oil is that it cannot hold as much ozone as the others, but the smell is very light and pleasant.
PurO3 Ozonated Oils

For Massage Oil: organic coconut oil with organic lavender essential oil. More and more professional massage therapist are switching to using coconut oil when they work.  Adding the lavender sent will make your massage extra relaxing and pleasant. 

For an Overnight Mask: ozonated olive oil or ozonated cocontut oil with lavender essential oil. The lavender scent will help you to relax and sleep. I did notice that the olive oil has distinct scent to it. It isn't really bad but it isn't great either. It almost smells rancid, even though it still works great. If you are more sensitive to the smell I would use the coconut instead, but if you want a stronger oil, use olive. 

Ozonated Coconut Oil

For Fungus, Athletes Foot, Eczema Etc.: ozone olive oil with lemongrass. I think the lemongrass works the best to cover the smell of the olive oil, which is the strongest oil for high skin absorption. I found it as best to cover the infected place and have the oil soak in overnight. 

Ozonated Olive Oil

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to try using the oil without any essential oil scents at at all. The activated oxygen in the oils themselves is enough to do a lot of good. I really love these products, they have made such a difference in my skin care and have so many uses. If you have any questions or comments about ozone oils please comment below.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Turqoise, Beige, and Gold Shabby Chic Living Room

I finally found the gold pillows I needed to complete the look I want for my living room. They were at Ross for 2 for $16. Almost everything else was either a thrift store find, a yard sale find, or a gift (ie my old roommate not wanting to move the rug when she moved out haha). Now it is my favorite part of the house. It is fun and cozy all at once.

I love to decorate using with colors that I love but never wear, like aqua, because they don't look the best on me. Polyvore was a big help in testing ideas. I originally tried having green accent colors but it looked tacky for some reason. Here's a photo of the brainstorm vs. the reality.

French Bohemian Living Room

I'm still looking for the perfect rug, My mentality with decorating is little adjustments over time. You can get exactly what you want, for the price you want, if you are patient.

Black, White, and Red

What's black, white, and red all over? Me, taking outfit pictures at sunset. Yesterday was a work from home kind of day. I still wanted to wear something businessy and cute though to help me feel motivated.  I love these cardigans from Sears. They're the perfect combinations of structured and comfortable. I have one each of the black, white, and red and I still want more! I'm wearing a size medium here, so they do run a little large.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to Dress like Zooey Deshanel

My husband and I have been getting into New Girl again and I have been lusting after Jess's outfits, so I decided to put together a similar look today. If you are looking for some Zooey Deschanel inspiration here is a basic guide;

1. Wear bright winter colors ie pure hues
2. Modest or collared dress/top with a printed pattern (think grade school teacher dress, channel Ms. Frizzle)
3. Cardigan
4. Tights
5. (Cute) Old lady shoes

Play around with these elements to see how they work with your personal style. Jess wears a lot of flared skirts, but pencil skirts usually look better with my body type.

I ordered this dress though Amazon. It is very flattering and fun. I like how it has the built in black fabric that looks like a belt, but isn't, because it styles the dress while remaining pretty comfortable. Plus, I don't have to worry about belt bulge.  The cardigan and tights are from Target, and the boots are Earthies.

If you have any more Zooey Deschanel outfit inspiration please comment/link below.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Outfit: Marigold and Dark Green

I've had a lot of fun with fall color combinations this year. I think I'm finally getting it. As a person with winter coloring in the Color Me Beautiful system, or similar systems, I'd probably had the most trouble with fall colors before. I would usually just skip the season and go from wearing summer colors late in the season to winter colors early.

What I've learned this year is that fall is really about mixing fall and winter colors. Take a hue and mix it with a jewel color, this allows you to mix colors that would normally very vibrant, but adding a jewel toned item grounds the outfit.

The next step is to embrace texture. I found these green suede hush puppies at a thrift store. The pants are from H&M and are my first attempt at treggings (trouser as leggings). I've liked them. They are almost as comfortable as leggings and I can still wear them to work. The crochet top I've had for years, I think I picked it up from Marshals.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cabin Trip in the Santa Cruz Mountains

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at a friend's cabin near Santa Cruz a couple of weekends ago. It is such a beautiful place We got to spend a lot of time hiking (we even found a newt), and I finally got a chance to show off this awesome jean jacket I thirfted. I love it because it is comfortable fabric cut like a moto jacket. I had to dye it a darker color. The snaps on the top shoulders also kept coming undone, so I just super-glued them. Top is from Kohls and the joggers are from target. The boots have been with me through a lot, I highly recommend full leather boots. These ones are from Cabelas.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review of Adore Me Kiara Bra

For a long time I was jealous of all girls who could wear cute, lacy racer back bras and bralettes. I even tried a couple on, but there was no way I was taking them home. No support, and they didn’t come in my exact plus size anyway. I was so happy when I checked out Adore Me and they had lingerie in mysize, that didn’t look like something a grandma would wear. This bra has the girly lace in the back but also has the extra supportive strap. It’s nice to mix up my underwear lineup with a racer back and give my shoulders a break. I think it helps my posture a little as well.

The bra is as comfortable as any other average bra. I would highly suggest checking out the Adore Me size guide, which I have found to be fairly accurate, even if it mean going a size larger than I do at other stores. The good news is that even if you order the wrong size, they have free exchanges.

The color of the underclothes set is unique. It is somewhere between beige and a light purple. I like it because it is less boring than beige, but can still be worn under a lot of clothing without showing through (depending on your skin tone of course). I pared it with a semi low back dress that I found at Ross, and black accessories for a sensual fall date night look. The bracelet is a present from my sister, and the vintage Gucci purse is a gift from my mom. What can I say, great style runs in the family ;)

Let me know if you have any questions about the set by commenting below. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Photos

I had an impromptu pumpkin patch photo shoot with my sister last weekend and I really like how some of the photos turned out. It's great when you can find a patch that has mountains in the background, it feels like a mini retreat.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Not so Basics

This just might be my favorite season, even though it is one of the most challenging times to create a cute outfit. While everyone else is layering on chunky sweaters and rusty colors, I prefer to keep things a little more sleek looking. Here are some of  my go-to Autumn outfits that DYT type 4 or for a person with winter coloring. This is a great time of year to break out your hounds-tooth print, sweater dresses, and the darker versions of your colors like grape, Kelley green, cobalt, and ruby red. Enjoy the crisp air, and let me know what you like to wear this time if year. I'm always looking for new ideas!

DYT Type 4 Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Cut loose shirt
$110 -

Asymmetrical jacket
$345 -

Paige Denim lapel jacket

Collar jacket

7 For All Mankind skinny fit jeans
$175 -

Jill Stuart mini skirt

Proskins legging pants
$30 -

Commando thigh high hosiery

Gianvito rossi shoes
$480 -

Wet Seal black oxford

Handbag satchel

Sequin handbag
$35 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors shoulder handbag
$225 -

Quartz earrings

Engraved locket

Kate Spade tie scarve

Christian dior glasses
$475 -