Saturday, April 23, 2016

DIY Floral Bridal Headband

As much fun as veils are, the truth is they are incredibly hard to keep in place after your marriage. Most of us aren't used to wearing one every day. If you want to have fun and move around at your wedding, I would recommend wearing a headband for a hair piece, especially if you have slick, straight hair like mine. My dress was simple, so I went with a more ornate, beaded, roaring 20's style design. Flower crowns are really in style right now. I wanted something like that, but a little more sophisticated and elegant. I spent about ten dollars on the whole thing.

What you will need:
1 headband (white or matches your hair color) made of fabric (not plastic)
white tulle
white thread and needle
glue gun
appliques of your choosing
stick-on pearls, sparkles, etc

1. Cut out enough tulle to more than cover the headband. Then do it again. Mine was about an inch and a half thick. I had two layers of tulle on mine but three or four layers would probably look good.
2. Using small dots of hot glue, glue the tulle in place. Do NOT put a line of hot glue across the whole headband. Use just enough to keep the tulle lined up property.
3. Sew the rest of the tulle onto the headband.
4. Sew or glue on appliques. I sewed mine on because they're my great grandmothers and I might want to reuse the someday with something else. This does take a lot more time though.
5. Add stick-on pearls, sparkles, etc. You can get these from Hobby Lobby. They hold up alright, if you really want them to stay on you can try hot gluing them by breaking of the end of a q-tip and dabbing hot glue on the bottom.
6. Trim tulle on edges to your liking. I though rounded ends looked the best.
7. Enjoy not paying a ridiculous amount for a bridal crown.

Comment below if you have questions. Thanks!

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