Thursday, April 14, 2016

DIY Juliet Cap Wedding Veil

I had a harder time with my wedding veil than my wedding dress. I knew I didn't want something too poofy, but a little vintage inspired. I ended up buying four different bridal veils, but none of them were just what I wanted, so I decided to make my own, and it was perfect. The best part was that there was no sewing whatsoever.

5 by 6 feet of tulle
2 hair clips that are clear or match your hair color
2 (or more) applique, large enough to cover clips
Glue gun

1. Divide tulle in half to find the exact center (mark lightly with a pencil).
2. Fold about an inch of the tulle underneath the rest.
3. Place over head, lining the pencil mark up with the center of your head.
4. Scrunch the tulle back into the place where you want the clips to be on your head.
5. Mark with a pencil
6. Take of tulle, place got glue on top of the clip
7. Place clip under section of tulle marked with pencil
8. Wait until glue is cool enough to touch but still movable.
9. Scrunch the tulle backwards over the clip.
10. Let cool.
11. Glue applique over the scrunched part of the clip.
12. Repeat on other side.

NOTE: try your hardest not to get any unwanted glue on the tulle, but if you do, poke it out with a safety pin and/or soak it in nail polish remover. I used the nail polish remover and it didn't change the color of my veil at all, but always soak a small sample first just to be sure.

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  1. I really like this DIY Juliet Cap Wedding Veil. My sister just had an outdoor wedding at domestic Seattle Wedding venues and she also had a beautiful DIY Veil. It was way too pretty and everything else was also incredible in her ceremony.