Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Trend: Short Lace Socks

When I first saw these socks on ModCloth, I thought they were adorable, I'm pretty sure I had a some white ones just like them for dressy occasions, when I was 4. But how was an adult going to pull them off? I ordered them in black because that's a grown up color. 

When they arrived I tried them on with a few different pairs of shoes. This is my favorite look, folded up with ankle boots. Its an inexpensive way to mix up your look. I like how it makes classic shoes look more fun and flirty. 

I'm seeing these kind of socks everywhere. The ones I ordered are actually more like short, ankle length tights. I'm a little concerned about how long they will last because tights tend to run and get holes more quickly than socks. The lace seems like good quality and is heavier. I didn't like how it wasn't sewn together at the ends, the lace just overlapped a little bit. 

Overall I decided to keep them though because they're just so cute and I'm a sucker for lacy things. 

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