Friday, June 17, 2016

Surfing Gear

It's summer! I love to surf year round, but something about the summer makes it feel more exciting. I've been surfing for about eight years now, so I know it is one of those hobbies I will always come back to. Plus, it is great exercise. Unfortunately (or lucky for you if you are single), the surfing scene is largely male dominated. When I'm out in the waves, I would say that there are about six men for every woman. This leads to an industry that is geared a lot more towards men. Yes, even though the most famous surfer is named Kelley Slater, he's still a guy.

Here is my favorite gear from the slim pickings out there:

Wetsuit: Roxy. They are cute and slimming with great stretch. Despite all the glamorous surfing photos you may come across, whenever I put a wetsuit on, I feel a little bit like a blubbery seal. The cute sweetheart neckline of the Roxy suits make me feel a little more confident out in the waves.

Booties (foot protection): I haven't settled for a particular brand yet. All I can say is that these things are a pain to get on and off. Don't get the kind with a zipper, those will just get jammed by sand. Look for something that has good handles or grips that will help you pull them on and off.

Sunscreen: Just use it. Even if it is cloudy. I've been using Neutrogena's Sport Face and have been pretty happy with it.

Hair Products: The salt will will take a tole on your hair, no way around it. So embrace the natural highlights. Sometimes I will put coconut oil in my hair before I go out, it helps. Getting your hair wet with fresh water before you go in, and then rinsing it right after you get out will also help.

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