Sunday, July 3, 2016

Making Clutter Look Pretty: Organization Tips

I'm one of those people who tends to get stuck in the whole, "Out of sight, out of mind," mentality. I also hate putting things away only to take them back out again. I've found the best decorating strategy is to have things I use every day out in front of my face, where I can find them easily. This could lead to an cluttered environment- well ok, it does. But at least it is a good looking, cluttered (or shall we say full), living space.

Here are my tips for pulling it off. I used my blue and gold bathroom decor as an example.

1. Group similar colors. Charming Charlies has this perfected and so can you in your home. Things just look more organized when they are in the same color group. I got most of these bottles at thrift stores or yard sales. Now if one breaks, I don't have to worry that the whole set is ruined.

2. Pay attention to what you already have. Before I started decorating my bathroom I noticed that a lot of what I already used everyday was blue: blue contact solution, blue face wash bottle (Paula's Choice is amazing btw), it's starting to sound like a 90's Top 40 song. You get the idea. From there build in a second color that goes well with the first, I chose gold.

3. Have a couple large containers over lots of small ones. Bigger items look more expensive and can hold a lot of the little ones. If you have a bunch of little items, even if they all match, it is easy to mess them up when you are in a hurry. They turn into clutter instead of decor.

Comment below if you have more good tips or questions. Thanks for reading!

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