Sunday, September 4, 2016

Finding the Right Wetsuit for your Coloring

There needs to be more surfing magazines and websites for women. I was perusing Surfline the other day and the thought occurred to me, what if they had a woman's section? Well they don't. And good luck finding a plus size female surfer magazine. But here's my little mini surfing article for women, where surfer magazine meets fashion magazine. 

Walk into any surf shop and there are about two different woman's styles of wetsuits to choose from, if you're lucky. But the internet is a marvelous place. I've had decent luck ordering wetsuits online. Just be sure to read the measurement guidelines and comments section. If you're looking for a deal, 6pm usually has a few wetsuit options for women.

I scoured the internet and found wetsuits for every color profile: Spring, Summer, Fall.and Winter. Or, if you prescribe to the Dressing Your Truth System Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4. It's pretty difficult to find a wetsuit that doesn't have black on it, but a lot of these are pretty close. Enjoy. I hope you find a wetsuit that looks best with your skin tone. 

Which Wetsuit Looks Best on You?

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