Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review of Adore Me Kiara Bra

For a long time I was jealous of all girls who could wear cute, lacy racer back bras and bralettes. I even tried a couple on, but there was no way I was taking them home. No support, and they didn’t come in my exact plus size anyway. I was so happy when I checked out Adore Me and they had lingerie in mysize, that didn’t look like something a grandma would wear. This bra has the girly lace in the back but also has the extra supportive strap. It’s nice to mix up my underwear lineup with a racer back and give my shoulders a break. I think it helps my posture a little as well.

The bra is as comfortable as any other average bra. I would highly suggest checking out the Adore Me size guide, which I have found to be fairly accurate, even if it mean going a size larger than I do at other stores. The good news is that even if you order the wrong size, they have free exchanges.

The color of the underclothes set is unique. It is somewhere between beige and a light purple. I like it because it is less boring than beige, but can still be worn under a lot of clothing without showing through (depending on your skin tone of course). I pared it with a semi low back dress that I found at Ross, and black accessories for a sensual fall date night look. The bracelet is a present from my sister, and the vintage Gucci purse is a gift from my mom. What can I say, great style runs in the family ;)

Let me know if you have any questions about the set by commenting below. 

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