Saturday, November 19, 2016

Turqoise, Beige, and Gold Shabby Chic Living Room

I finally found the gold pillows I needed to complete the look I want for my living room. They were at Ross for 2 for $16. Almost everything else was either a thrift store find, a yard sale find, or a gift (ie my old roommate not wanting to move the rug when she moved out haha). Now it is my favorite part of the house. It is fun and cozy all at once.

I love to decorate using with colors that I love but never wear, like aqua, because they don't look the best on me. Polyvore was a big help in testing ideas. I originally tried having green accent colors but it looked tacky for some reason. Here's a photo of the brainstorm vs. the reality.

French Bohemian Living Room

I'm still looking for the perfect rug, My mentality with decorating is little adjustments over time. You can get exactly what you want, for the price you want, if you are patient.

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